Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wubster Weekend and more

The chaos never ends.

This past weekend, Annie and I babysat Tabi and Rhionna allllllllll weekend. I am never having children. Friday night was pretty ok, but Saturday we all went bowling and Rhionna only played about four frames before she desintigrated into a full-blown hissy fit. By the end of it, all four of us were cranky and exhausted.

Saturday night I went to dinner with Mom and a couple of friends from work. It was nice to get away from the kids and all The Breakup drama. But Sunday Annie got me back by going to church and leaving the kids with me. Chaos, yelling, pouting, lots of "I'm never coming here ever again! You're never going to watch me ever again!" Didn't get away from them until almost 8:00 Sunday night.

The hardest part of the weekend was having to pretend that everything at home was hunky-dory. We haven't told Annie's mom about The Breakup yet (gee, I hope she doesn't read my blog), so we haven't told the girls either. I did find it a little odd that neither of them asked howcome we weren't sleeping in the same bed, but horray for small miracles I guess.

Monday after work I picked up Rhionna and took her back to Jen's house, and stayed there until almost 8:00 waiting for Jen to get home and helping out where I could. But it was more of the same, chaos, yelling, arguing, etc. I need a break.

The good news, today is my Friday. Tomorrow I'll get to sleep in, but then we'll be off apartment hunting. I've got an appointment to see this condo that I'm really interested in, but the thought of owning my own place is a bit daunting. Thursday will be a lay around day. Hopefully Friday too.

I finished the first item for Laura's All About Hearts package, and I'm working on item #2. So hopefully I can get that (and items 3, 4, and 5) done this week. If I focus it shouldn't be a problem.

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Christina said...

Sorry the kids were such a nightmare. How old are they? My daughter can be a handful all on her own, but she was totally worth having kids for! They have their ups and downs. Its also alot easier to discipline them when they belong to you.

Good luck with the condo!