Friday, February 15, 2008

Updates Updates Everywhere

Craft update:
Almost done with item #2 for the SSG Swap. Just have finishing to do. Any more than that would give it away. Also purchased item #5. So items #3 and #4 to do. Goal is to send it out next Friday (which is payday, which is important). Laura, if you read this, will you send me your address please?

Life update:
I am TOTALLY in love with this condo. I went and saw the inside on Wednesday and it is absolutely perfect for me. I'm going to try to borrow money from my dad to pay off my one credit card, and sell the car that Annie and I bought last year and hopefully be able to pay that off too. Then hopefully my credit will be clear enough to get a home loan. If I can't get into this place now, they have two more building sites going up next door and the first of the two should be finished in the summer. Annie wants to leave before then, but I'm hoping that our roommate might pitch in an extra $100 in rent and I could probably afford to stay here for a while. Even better, roommate's girlfriend just got her SSI (social security) and I told him that if she's willing to pitch in $200 or so in rent she can move in here and then we'd be even more set. Roommate's girlfriend isn't my favorite person on earth (she drinks a bit, and gets a bit annoying) but it would be worth it to be able to stay here until I get the condo thing figured out.

Soup update:
I was craving soup. So I made some.
1 whole pre-baked chicken of unknown flavor from Freddy's
some butter. 1/2 a stick or so?
1 sweet onion very chopped
several carrots sliced bite-size
1 head of celery, chopped (including a good amount of the leaves, they're good)
1 package of beef polska kilbasa, halved and sliced into half-moon shapes
1.5-2 pounds of baby gold potatoes cut into halves or quarters depending on size
-Remove chicken from bones. Keep good chicken in one bowl, and place all skin/bones/etc in a large soup pot.
-cover skin/bones/et with cold water and bring to a boil. Boil until it looks yummy. Then strain and reserve the "stock" and toss out the rest.
-Melt butter in the soup pot, and add the onions and some salt & pepper. cook until the onions are soft
-Add the leaves of the celery and cook a little longer
-Add the celery and carrots and the kilbasa and cook a little more
-Add the chicken and the potatoes, then the reserved "stock"
-Cook until the potatoes are done, and then enjoy all your hard work.

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Christina said...

Thanks for the recipe! Good luck with the condo!