Friday, February 8, 2008

Do's and Don'ts

Check your library out! I just checked mine and it says:

Duma key (Spoken CD).
1 of 30 holds on 5 copies
Hollywood Library

Yesterday it said 0 copies. It's on order, and it's been on order for a while. Showing actual copies means I'll hopefully get it in the next week. And yeah, that says that my copy is the first hold out of 30, so I'll get the first copy that comes out. For those unfamiliar, Duma Key is Stephen King's latest novel. And if you're one of those people that says, "Oh I don't like Stephen King, I'm not a horror fan," you should read the Dark Tower series. Well at least the first 4 books of it.
If you don't love your library. Well. Shame on you.

Let your puppy get ahold of your very nice, very expensive, Koigu KPPPM yarn! This is what happens!

And for the record, this (very crappy cell phone) picture was taken when I was already about half way through unraveling and winding it. Which, for the first half, took me about 2 hours. The good news is that he doesn't seem to have damaged the yarn itself, just made a gigantic messy knot out of it (it was still in its original hank when he got ahold of it). I have two balls of this stuff and I'm saving them for my first pair of socks. Well maybe not the first pair. I should probably save it for when I've had some practice. Well, whatever.

In other news, I'm half way through the first thing I'm making Laura for the February SSG Swap. I probably could have finished it last night if I wasn't dealing with the Koigu mess. It's payday today, plus I got my tax refund (8 day turnaround, not bad!), so we should be able to pay our bills. We're Wubster-sitting this weekend. Should be fun explaining to them why their Aunties are not sleeping in the same bed anymore. Oh, and I took my wedding ring off last night.

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Christina said...

Ok, you are my new favorite person ever! I am a HUGE Stephen King fan. HUGE! Love him! I read The Shining when I was 10 and have been hooked since. The Dark TOwer series was just amazing! I'm about to start reading The Cell, which I got as a CHristmas gift. Once I'm done with that I'm going to get Duma Key. I like to own my Stephen King books because I read them over and over.