Saturday, February 23, 2008

Got my swap package!!

It's so fabulous!! Christina you are so kind! Here's pics of what I got, sorry they're so awful (cell phone camera).

The first pic is a gorgeous shawl with hearts in it, and a scarf of hearts. Also in the package was the CYOOTEST ami fairy, a pose-able heart-covered guy I've named Gus, a little beating heart (has a string to pull and vibrates), a cookie, a heart shaped box that I'm going to decorate soon, a cute bucket tin, and some candles.

I also sent out my package today so hopefully it will arrive at its new home soon!


Laurah said...

Wow - nice 'All About Hearts' package! The doll is so cute. I'm planning on mailing mine Monday. I have a few things to finish up before then. I can't wait to see what Katrina thinks!

Christina said...

I'm glad you like everything!!

Laurah said...

Just got your package today. Thanks so much! I love everything! I would list it here but don't want to give them away to your readers. I'm aiming to get my blog post up about the package tomorrow night. Thanks again!