Friday, February 8, 2008

Never trust take out

When I go to McDonalds, I expect to have to check my bag and make sure that everything is there. And, of course, the more people ordering, the more likely there will be an error.

But that's McDonalds. I do NOT expect such behavior from the 2nd best bento place within 10 minutes of my job.

What I wanted was 1) A jumbo bento with chicken and beef, 2) A 6-piece gyoza, and 3) a 4-piece veggie spring roll. When I arrived to pick it up, the price was a bit more than it usually is. I didn't want to fuss, so I didn't say anything, and when she handed me the gigantic bag of food, I thought she had mistaken 4 PIECES for 4 ORDERS of spring roll.

I got back to my desk with a mere 2 minutes of my half-hour lunch left, opened the bag, and discovered that I should have made a fuss. A very large fuss. I got the wrong wrong WRONG order! Not even CLOSE to what I was supposed to get! And with 2 minutes of lunch left, I was stuck with it.

So I'm stuck eating stir-fry veggies (x2), pork katsu (x2) and chicken teriaki (x2). Obviously a great deal of this will go home with me, or stay here at work with my name on it in big red letters so that nobody else eats it or throws it away.

Next time, I'm checking.

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Christina said...

I always check my order, no matter what. Someone always manages to mess up something!

Sorry you got such a huge and unwanted lunch.