Sunday, March 2, 2008

What a heel....

I successfully knit the leg, turned the heel, knit the gussett, and am now knitting around for the body of the foot. And I'm so excited I can't help myself. It was much easier than I anticipated, thanks to this site. Very clear instructions and lots of good pictures.

When I picked up the stitches along the edge it was really tempting to pull out a crochet hook - is that bad? Can't tell so much in this pic but I even figured out how to carry the ribbed pattern down the top of the foot - very proud of myself.

What, you wonder how I turned a yellow/orange/pink sock into a neon green one? Well I hated the color and texture of the first ones. I like the green much better, both color and texture. Don't know if I'll feel that way when they're done, as they're acrylic (Caron Simply Soft Brites in Limelight, which, by the way, says it's a medium weight yarn but I think they lie). The yarn I have saved up for the "good pair" is Koigu KPPPM in a purple/brown-ish colorway (maybe P534 or P206?). I also have some slightly thicker peruvian merino in some unknown at this moment brand that I picked up at Fabric Depot, gorgeous blues. I'm going to force myself to knit this first sock a mate before I get carried away though.

Now that I've gotten the semi-instant gratification of doing my first sock, next pair will be much taller, too. Well maybe not MUCH, but at least a little. Maybe. >shrug<

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Christina said...

The heel looks great!