Friday, March 28, 2008


March 28th in Portland Oregon (which varies from sea level to 500+ feet). It's snowing. The Weather Channel says it's 37 degrees (F, of course). Even KOIN News says it's 37 degrees. And yet, it's snowing. And even sticking, a little bit. WTF?

Apparently it snowed in May here in Portland in 1993. I would have been 12, and I don't remember that.

I'm totally confused. Snow is supposed to stop mid-March.


Christina said...

It once snowed here in April..I'm talking like a blizzard. This was at least 7-8 years ago...I think I was pregnant at the time. Anyhoo...sorry for the late snow.

Laurah said...

Yeah - it snowed here in WA, too! Crazy. I am looking forward to seatshirt weather. Coats are such a hassle.
I was in NE Portland in 1993 - in third grade I think.