Thursday, March 27, 2008


A whole week between posts??!! You must all feel abandoned!

Nothing much has been going on. Well, ok, some. Lots of drinking. Not, like, "I can't function at work cause I got schnockered(sp?) last night" lots, but lots relative to the past 5 years.

Note to self - do NOT craft while drinking. My beautiful Sunflower Purse met its demise when I tried to work on it after an evening of tequila and mango lemonade. I have enough yarn to start over, but I'll need to buy more fabric. That's ok though. I'm really enjoying using my mom's old sewing machine, and might try my hand at some quilting (like I need another hobby).

Progress on the Half Moon Shawl is going well. I'm somewhere between 50% and 80% done, depending on how you figure it (I've used half the required yarn, but done 80% of the required rows). I love how it's turning out. This was my first attempt at using LB Jiffy yarn and I really like it.

My other WIP, the Tesserae Socks, are on hold pending completion of the shawl and the purse. The shawl is time-sensitive (I have as of now one week to finish), and the purse is for my mental health. Yes, I said it, I need to make a purse for my own sanity.

I finally joined Ravelry, and of all the addicting web-based things I do, this is the best because I can do it from work. If you're a crafter and haven't signed up - DO IT! My Ravelry ID is ZarahPDX for those of you who want to see what I'm up to. I have all but Monday off work next week and my goal (along with spring cleaning and some serious home de-cluttering and rearranging) is to take stock of all my needles, hooks, yarns, etc and get everything organized in my Ravelry Notebook. Plus upload all the pics that I've taken and haven't done anything with. *sigh* so much to do, so little time!

Annie is almost completely moved out of the house, I think. I've spoken to her a couple of times and things are back to being civil - even NICE - but it's still a bit awkward. I might be going to The Bridge with her on Sunday, and then out for pool and maybe dinner. I've finally gotten used to having the house to myself, and now Keight will be moving in next week. Sounds like my roommate that went to Cali might be back not too long after the first of the month, too. So much for all my privacy!

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Christina said...

Glad you're back. Nothing wrong with a drink here or there. :) But the poor sunflower purse.