Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend Part Deux

Went to my dad's last night for dinner - something we try to do at least once a month or so. It was my turn to cook, so I made Corned Beef, Cabbage, and Red Potatoes in honor of St Patrick's Day.

Went very basic on the corned beef - just baked it at 325 for about 3 hours, covered but for the last few minutes. It was pretty AND delicous.

Went pretty basic on the potatoes, too - just olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and a bit of rosemary.

Had to use the convection microwave, which I wasn't sure about at first, but it worked great.

Got a little fancier with the cabbage, using something akin to this recipe from Orangette. Super easy, and super yummy.

While dinner cooked, we played some cribbage

(Yeah, my dad is sort of a goof, but we love him)

(Nice hand!)

Dinner was all done about the same time (score!) so we dished up

And after a couple of helpings each, this

turned into this

I loved corned beef before, but I have a new respect for it after baking it (instead of the all-day slow-cooker method). It's cheap, easy, and provides leftovers (sometimes) so this is going to become a staple in my house. I even made Dad run me by the grocery on the way home so I could buy a couple more :)


Christina said...

Dinner looks great! Is that you in the pic? Forgive me if I'm wrong...I don't have my glasses on! Your dad looks like a ton of fun!

Caroline said...

Dinner looks delicious! You're quite the chef!