Thursday, March 6, 2008

Flirting, Food, and New and Improved

Cute Guy at Work: "What's goin' on Zarah?"
Me: "Not much, you know, trying to see what kind of trouble I can cause. Got any?"
CG (grinning): "Nope"
Me: "Darn" (thinking, "Want to get into some with me?")

Me, totally swooning that Cute Guy at Work knows my name, and actually used it. Not just a passing "hey" to a co-worker, but a directed-directly-at-me greeting.

Not that I'm really expecting to get anywhere with Cute Guy at Work, or with anybody, but my skills at flirting have been severely under-used for the past five years and I'm looking forward to getting lots of practice now that I'm free.

No Sesame chicken salad yet, but huge thanks to Amy O'Neill Houck at The Hook and I for encouraging me to make dinner last night. We had oodles of leftover noodles so I made spaghetti pie inspired by her well-timed post. Next time more sauce, more cheese, more olives. Have I mentioned how much I love nearly-burnt mozzarella cheese? The kind of nearly-burnt that you can only get at really good Italian restaurants (not the OG type) or by baking your own at home.

This morning I bought three sock patterns from Anne over at Knitspot. I got the Dolomite Sock, So Square Sock, and Tesserae Sock, and can't wait to get started. I'm thinking the Mirasol Hacho in Deep Blue Ocean for the Dolomites, and Koigu KPPPM in the purples/browns color I've got for the Tesseraes. I might get some Wooly Wonka BFL Sock Yarn for the So Square Socks. It's a bit pricey, but I do love that Geisha colorway.

Best of all, my new digital camera was delivered today! So, new and improved pictures are on their way. I got the camera I wanted, a 2GB memory card, and these nifty USB-rechargable AA batteries, all for a steal. So look for lots more pictures soon. Guess it's time to get a Flickr account! Too bad I can't access it at work :(


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Christina said...

No flirting in 5 years? Time to practice girl! Score on getting the cute guy at work to know your name!

Hubby and I make a point of flirting with each other all the time. Even though we're married it keeps things fresh!