Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lonely in the Crazy House

My BFF/Roommate, who has been quite a buffer between Annie and me and K8 (the new roommate) and me, got a call yesterday from the grandmother of a very good friend of his in California. His friend has been having a pretty rough time of it for the past couple of years (pretty much homeless, some drug issues, and I think some mental health stuff) and it's gotten bad enough that now she's talking suicide. Enter BFF, nice guy that he is, to the rescue.

He could be on a plane now, for all I know. The grandmother was going to wire him the money to get a plane ticket so he could go immediately. No idea how long he's going to be gone, could be a couple weeks, could be a few months.

Last time he went to Cali there was some drama and he ended up being gone for much longer than anticipated. I hope that this trip will be safer, shorter, and calm.

In the meantime, I'm home with no buffer but my knitting.

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Christina said...

I'm sorry about the lack of a buffer. Can you invite a good friend to stay over a few days with BFF's permission *when you speak to him?)

Keep swimming, chica, keep swimming.