Thursday, January 31, 2008

Uh, you can have that raise back, thanks.

I just did my taxes. Yes, I am totally on the ball. Last year I owed. Year before that, I owed. This year I was determined to get money back, so I lowered my exemptions to 1 and crossed my fingers. I'm getting a whopping $230-something back from the feds, and I get to send the state a check for an additional $15 that they can't live without.

I think I'd rather go back to two raises ago before I owed so much, when I actually got more than $500 back from the feds and usually at least half that back from the state. Actually three raises, since I just had my annual review and got another one.

No, I don't care that they're supposedly going to be sending us all checks this year just out of the goodness of their hearts. Economy boost, my ass. How many of you will - like me - be using that money to pay bills that are piling up because you're living check-to-check anyway? Oh yeah! I've got an extra $600 to spend! Rather than pay last month's cable bill and this month's car payment, I'm going to go buy an LCD TV! Woohoo!**


**Ok fine, I admit it, I would LOVE to spend that rebate on more yarn. But my priorities are not always the same as the rest of my household. And a happy wife (or at least one who isn't stressed out about money) is sometimes more important than my yarn stash. Sometimes.

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Christina said...

I'm going to be spenindg that "economy boost" on bills too. I'll probably take $100 or so to buy my kid summer clothing, but the rest will go to vredit card bills. If they really want to fix the economy, they should pay off my credit card bill, LOL.