Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ok, Seriously? That's enough.

  • The father/step-father of two good friends of mine had a heart attack on Christmas

  • Annie's dad is having heart and kidney problems, and will likely be going on dialysis and having a pacemaker of sorts put in.

  • My own father was in the hospital for a weekend with what could eventually, if he's not careful, turn into cancer of the esophagus.

  • Annie's grandmother was in the hospital for her first three days of dialysis, which she'll now be doing three days a week.

  • My own grandmother has been having some health issues and won't go to the doctor.

  • Last night my dear friend Ben's great-uncle passed away.

  • Also last night, Annie's mom was admitted to the hospital with chest pain. She's had two heart attacks and 5 stents put in previously, and they'd be doing another angiogram as I type if she was stable enough, which she's not.

  • Plus the whole Heath Ledger thing.

Seriously. Enough. This is all since Christmas. NOT ok. Quit it.

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