Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Baby Crochet!

Not for me though

My friend/co-worker Andrea is having her second child, due in September. I'm excited for her, of course, not only because she's such a great person, but because it gives me an excuse to do some baby crochet!

I did a blanket for Andrea's daughter when she was born, but... well ok, it wasn't very good. I had only recently become yarn-obsessed again. I used LB Homespun Baby and the long purple Knifty Knitter. Ok it was awful. Mostly because of the yarn.

Another co-worker of mine recently got her first grandbaby and I made a sweater for her. It turned out much nicer (even though she won't be able to wear it for another 6 months or so).

So this time I'm thinking about making the Through Any Window baby blanket. I love me some Granny Square. Picking yarn will be fun, now that I'm not obsessed with all things boucle. Andrea was pretty anti-Pink with her first baby, so I'll have to make sure there aren't color limitations for this one. Thank goodness I have so long to figure it out! Ok secretly, I'm hoping for a boy. I'm seeing blue/grey/green non-baby colors. Hmmmmm......


CraftyAshley said...

I have to say that your line up for baby blankets sounds good. I do love your daisy squares. I got the pattern but have not tried them yet. I'm going to make my daughter an afghan with them for her birthday in march. Ok about my lighted hook. My I is actually my second lighted hook. I also have an H. I love them. They hold well and look great in the dark. I actually used my I last night in the complete dark. I loved it. I've heard people complain about getting headaches and I can understand that but people have suggested to mark the end of the hook so it is not so bright. Good luck with your projects and happy hooking!

Lesalicious said...

Can't wait to see that baby blanket when you is done. I now it will be oh so cute. It does give us crocheters a excuse to crochet something for a baby. :)