Saturday, April 5, 2008

Word of the Day: Inefficient

Main Entry: in·ef·fi·cient
: not efficient: as
a: not producing the effect intended or desired
b: wasteful of time or energy
c: incapable, incompetent

Well I certainly spent the past 6 days being inefficient. There's something to be said for laying in bed though. Even a not-so-comfortable bed can be of great comfort in times of stress. In fact, going to bed is my favorite part of my day, I think.

I did make some progress on the Through Any Window Baby Blanket that I'm making for Cute-Guy-At-Work and his wife. It was a test at first, even with the tutorial, but I figured it out. I'm not looking forward to all the ends, though. (I should make a point to say that the difficulties at first are no reflection on Laurah and her design skills, they're more related to my own stubborn brain.)

Unfortunately I was supposed to spend those 6 days packing and clearing junk out of my house to get ready for my forced move. I didn't pack a single box. I did dig through two cupboards and come up with 4 bags full of garbage though. My can only holds 3 on a good day. I didn't apartment hunt either, but I did find out that I'm totally on my own when I move - roommate and his girlfriend are not going to be moving with me.

I had some good Pizza and Beer with my friends Ben and Amanda. We had some decent cheap mexican over the week too. No pictures. I really ought to start carrying my camera. Much loving of dogs happened as well - both theirs and my own.


Christina said...

If it makes you feel better, I haven't been very efficient this weekend either. I've been too drained to do too much. I love my bed too. Its not soft or fancy or new...but its where I prefer to be when I'm home. I don't feel like I'm really relaxing unless I;m in it.

Laurah said...

Yea, I've been so unmotivated crochet-wise. I think everybody needs a break sometimes, even if it is from something you ejoy doing.

bunbungirl said...
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