Monday, April 21, 2008


It just keeps getting better!!!

One of the things on the Inexplicable Knitting Behavior scavenger hunt list is:
"With any independent film producer, published author, or cartoonist"

I've been mulling that one over all week. Who can I think of? Where can I find them?
This morning, it hit me.


When I was in high school I participated in their Job Shadow program, and two years in a row I got to meet with Phillip Margolin. Mr. Margolin is an attorney who also happens to write some of the best legal thrillers/dramas around, IMHO. He's also a very down-to-earth, nice guy.

So this morning I sent him an email, and he called me right back. I'm meeting with him tomorrow at 3 (which is about the time I was going to head to the WFC anyway) to take his picture with my sock-in-progress.

I'm over the moon. I'm so sillyexcited I don't know what to do with myself. GEEK. Srsly.

Got my first picture for the hunt on Saturday, at the Cully Neighborhood Cleanup. I'll update this post later today so you can see it. The woman whose picture I took was a real hoot - she even bumped us up in line to drop off our junk after I took her pic.

This time tomorrow, I'll be digesting my cock 'n' balls donut and hopefully be more than half-way through my picture list.

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Christina said...

I couldn't help but laugh out loud at how excited you are about the author and sock picture! This scavengar hunt sounds like SO much fun!