Friday, April 11, 2008

Stephanie's coming

Oh, hadn't you heard? The Yarn Harlot, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, has another book.

Ok I feel a little weird saying that, seeing as how I'm new enough to the knitting world that I didn't know she had ANY books, let alone five of her own plus one that she contributed to.

Anyway, she's coming. Portland might not get to have all the fine knitting fun that Toronto had, but that's ok. I want to go. The problem? It's a work day. Doors open at 5, but I have images of people starting to line up the night before. If I leave work on time, I might get lucky and be able to stand outside the building waiting for a glimpse. Plus, I hate going to things alone. Of the two knitters that I know in real life, one's not going to be in town and the other already has a group of people she's going with - and since both those people are acquaintances from work, it's a little awkward. I thought about inviting Amanda, but she works too (Amanda, if you see this - let me know if you want to bail on work and go anyway). I even thought about inviting my friend Joey, even though she A) is not a knitter and B) hasn't made any attempt at getting in touch with me since Annie left, but she works too.

So I'm tossing it back and forth in my head. Do I really, REALLY want to go? Do I want to tell my boss that I have an appointment that day and leave early? Do I want to take the Max out there during rush hour and back in the dark? Am I going to kick myself if I don't go?

*le sigh*

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