Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wubster Wednesday

Yesterday was Wubster Wednesday. I love Wubster Wednesdays. I'm glad that they're close enough that we get to spend one night a week with them pretty much every week. Not that we couldn't see them pretty much any time we liked, but having a set day gives us all something to look forward to. Usually we pick the kids up, have dinner at Jen & Carolyn's, and watch Kid Nation. Last night was a little off because Carolyn was recovering from eye surgery and we had to leave before the show started to head to my dad's birthday party. Chyanne learned a new word, "hospitable" and Baby learned to correctly pronounce "envelope" (she was having trouble with the V sound). This weekend is Rhi-Rhi's third birthday. They're growing WAY too fast.

The birthday party was alright, nice to see Dad and Marcella and a few of their friends. Plus Dad's always good for a shot or two of scotch or a pint. We celebrated George's birthday too (which is today) and he got the coolest kitty-dragon t-shirt. I gotta say, for 55 years old, my dad's not looking too bad. He's got the memory of a 70-year-old, but he's still having fun so I'm happy for him.

I've got about 68 hours left to finish my Halloween costume. I'll spend at least probably 11 of that at work, and about 24 of it sleeping. That leaves just 33 hours. I've got to be able to finish it in that time! All of the small parts are done, so all that's left is the cape, but that's taking the longest (duh, it's the biggest). I thought I picked a pattern that wouldn't take very long, but I guess I was wrong. When it's all done, I'll post pictures and probably the pattern (which I made up along the way).

Until next time, Wubsters!

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