Friday, October 26, 2007

Restaurant Review: Meeka Japanese Restaurant

Meeka Japanese Restaurant
730 NE 181ST Ave
Portland, OR 97230-6706
Phone: (503) 667-1000

Last night we had dinner at Meeka to celebrate George's birthday. Sushi connoisseurs that we are, I was a little dismayed that the place is in the middle of a strip mall, tucked between a cleaners and a tienda. I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived. Seating includes booths, tables, as well as more traditional Japanese low tables. The place was pretty quiet and the wait staff wasn't pushy, but didn't ignore us either. The sushi was fresh and there was a generous menu of both raw and cooked options. The "Sushi Pizza" was a neat invention - a piece of nori covered with sushi rice (like a roll, but not rolled up yet) and covered with I think 3 types of fish, spicey sauce and mayo sauce, then baked long enough to heat it through and cook the fish a little. The tempura could have had a little more flavor but was light and crisp. Prices were about average for a sushi place, but keep in mind you're buying a whole roll, not by the piece/plate. Very easy to over-order for those of us who are used to Sushi Takahashi :) We'll be back for more!

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