Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Updates, updates everywhere, but not a stitch of knit.

Busy week. Well, week plus.

On April 25th, my roommates and I applied for an apartment. We got the official Yes on the 29th, and picked up keys and started moving on the 3rd. I am not good at planning ahead, and even worse at packing, so on Saturday morning there was still a lot to do. Most of my usual moving crew was unavailable, so for most of the day it was just one of my roommates, Shylent, and my sometimes-step-dad to help. By the afternoon, Todd and Angie of The Bridge came over and finished moving the last of the furniture (except the washer and dryer, which we forgot). We didn't get to bed til about midnight Saturday night, but we were (mostly, we thought) moved. Except for the washer and dryer which we realized we forgot about 20 minutes after everyone left.

Sunday morning, my grandmother took Mom and I out for brunch at Salty's to celebrate our birthdays (Mom's was the 2nd, mine is the 16th) and, I decided, Mother's Day. After a hard day of moving, there is something to be said for all-you-can-eat Crab (King and Dungeness), peel & eat prawns, and much other fresh seafood. The bottomless Mimosas weren't so bad either. When I got home it was time to go to work on the old apartment again, getting things ready for the GotJunk? guys to come get what was left, and for my dad to come help move the washer & dryer to store at my grandmother's for when we move again. We realized there was a lot of stuff that hadn't been taken to the new place on Saturday, but should have. But we got it all moved eventually. I decided, given that I knew I wouldn't get my deposit back anyway, I wasn't going to go out of my way to clean. That took a lot of the stress off.

So, now it's Wednesday and I've only unpacked one box. I'm going to have to try to do laundry tonight because I'm out of clothes for work. There's barely enough floor space for my twin bed (I miss my queen, but I gave it to the roommates since there's two of them and only one of me). On the plus side, all the animals seem to be settling in really well, and today Comcast came to hook up our TV and Internet (we've been without both, and it's killing us). Plus our dog, Malakai, has had a total attitude turn-around. The new place, being new and all, is clean enough (as far as no stray garbage/junk/socks/etc on the floor) that he can be out of his kennel without fear that he's going to eat something he shouldn't, so he's out all the time unless nobody is home. He's not getting into things, not having accidents on the floor, and not chasing the cats as much as he used to. Plus, not having two flights of stairs, he's getting walked more often too. We're all pretty happy.

More crafting soon, I promise. Everything is packed except for the Through Any Window Baby Blanket (blog/ravelry), which I keep at work. The next co-worker giving birth is having her shower on the 21st, so I've got to get moving on her gift too. Plus pregnant co-worker #3 was supposed to find out today if she's expecting a boy or a girl, and pregnant co-worker #4 just found out within the past few days she's expecting. Much baby crochet/knitting on the way.

Oh one more thing! I'm a licensed driver!!! I took my driver's test today and passed (with 75%, but it was nit-picky stuff that I almost argued with the test-giver about - like when I was doing 28 in what he said was a school zone, but the sign said "20 when lights are flashing" and the lights weren't flashing). Anyways I passed, so I'm driving again, which is nice. And no panic attacks, which is also nice.

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Christina said...

Yay for moving! It must feel good to know that you've settled into the new place. Congrats on your license. I got mine awhile ago but barely drive...highways and parking scare the daylights out of me.