Thursday, December 27, 2007

Do you, uh, Swap?

I'm going on a new adventure and joining a Swap. I read about this one on Christina's blog, and since it's just starting I thought I'd join in. So here's my intro and wish list:

I've been crocheting on and off for several years, but the past year or so have really gotten into it. I've finished a few small things, like scarves and hats, and for this Christmas everyone in my family got dishcloths. I even did a stuffed bear - now THAT was an adventure. I'm excited about moving on to bigger things like ponchos, sweaters, afghans, etc, and trying out new yarns. You can only take so much worsted weight acrylic.

Wish List: Swap Swap Gals

Hobbies? Crocheting and other yarn-related stuff. I latch hook a little, when I'm feeling patient. I cook and love trying new recipes. Oh and I crochet. I watch way too much TV, but justify it by calling it crochet time :) And I'm a geek and spend too much time online. And did I mention crochet?

Crafts? Crochet, latch hook, knitting (I'm teaching myself, slowly but surely). If I had more time and space I would enjoy things like creating greeting cards, but scrapbooking is way too much for me. If I knew how to work my 70's era sewing machine I'd do that too :)

Favorite Colors? Purples & Greens, just about any shade. I like heathery colors too, especially dusky blues and dark reds. Not so much into pastels.

Favorite Animal? That's a tough one. I love dogs, especially puppies. Lately (ok, since Happy Feet came out) I've had a soft spot for penguins. And I've always liked big cats. Do gargoyles and faeries count as animals?

All Dislikes? Most chocolate candy (exception is below). I know, freakish. I'm not really into sweets in general. I don't like perfume much either. Or sappy romance novels. Or brussle sprouts.

Favorite Candies? The exception to my dislike for chocolate candy is Moonstruck Chocolate. When I die, bury me with a piece of Moonstruck in my mouth please. I like Pay Day bars too, and I'm game to try any non-chocolate candy. The other chocolate exception is hot cocoa. Oh, and things like Junior Mints, Peppermint Patties, etc.

Favorite Smell Goods? Vanilla and Lavender are tops, lime is very close behind. I also like spicy smells like pumpkin and chai, and coffee. Those are favorite flavors, along with smells.

Other things you may like or may not like? I'm a kid at heart sometimes. You might find me playing with play-doh or coloring in a color book. I also like brain puzzles like Sudoku and other puzzle-related things, but I'm not a fan of crossword puzzles. I like mystical things like faeries and gargoyles, and small things I can enjoy at my desk at work like desk-top zen gardens and cute magnets. I believe you can never have too much yarn, too many crochet hooks, or too many WIPs. :)


Lesalicious said...

Hey Zarah this Lesa omg I love your name I barely get to see people names that starts with a Z very unique. I was just dropping by to check out your blog's wish list you may have got my email by now but, can't wait to get our swap blog started and on a roll:) take care:)

Christina said...

Yea!! I'm glad you joined!

CraftyAshley said...

I'm glad to meet yeah! I'm excited about that swap thanks for joining us! Have a great day.